We meet the Abruzzo community in Ottawa

The busy round of meetings of our PESCARA Calcio Academy continues in search of useful collaborations to expand our scouting area, but also to establish ongoing friendships between Abruzzo and the Canadian land.

Waiting for the summer, with a full schedule of appointments on the agenda that you can follow and get to know on our official page academy.pescaracalcio.com, the Pescara Calcio Academy delegation with its Manager Marco Arcese and the Brand and Business Strategy Director Raffaella Cecilia Santamaria, continues its path of meetings with the Abruzzo institutions and communities present on Canadian territory.

What an amazing day in our nation’s capital today! – these are the words of the World Ambassador for the Abruzzo Region Luciano Bentenuto – as World Ambassador for the Abruzzo Region, i could not be more proud to have contributed to the creation of football academies throughout Canada (Vaughan, Niagara Falls, Ottawa and Vancouver) with my parents’ hometown football team, Pescara Calcio.

I also want to thank the Honorable Senator Tony Loffreda for his continued support of him. Finally, seeing the Abruzzese Ottawa community gather to support our youngsters in their dream of someday playing in a professional football league is my dream come true!

PESCARA Calcio thanks all those present for the warm welcome and availability shown. See you in a month with our boys!