PRESS CONFERENCE: Pescara Calcio – Ridley College

This morning at Palazzo di Città, the mayor of Pescara Carlo Masci, together with the councilor for sport Patrizia Martelli, welcomed the president of Pescara Calcio Daniele Sebastiani and the Deputy Headmaster Ridley College Michele A. Bett, to sign an important agreement between the parts relating to the pre-season project Pescara Calcio in Canada.

First team in pre-season training camp from 12 to 23 July in the province of Ontario, in the central-eastern area of ​​Canada bordering the United States and the Great Lakes. The youth sector is also involved in the project, which will see blue-and-white boys and instructors leave for Canada for a sports educational journey in the Ridley College facilities.

The representative of the Pescara football academy Marco Arcese explained the project: “I am happy to present this initiative at Palazzo di Città, this means that we are working in the right direction and that the importance of what we are doing is perceived. The Pescara Calcio Academy was born on December 20 last year, today we have several international affiliates, but Canada immediately welcomed us with open arms and this is why we are happy to start the next steep of the academy project with Canada”.

But the initiative does not only aim at the exchange of young people, but also thanks to the involvement of emigrant institutions, companies or associations, it also wants to be an important driving force for the culture and economy of the realities involved. Cecilia Santamaria Brand and Business Strategy Director, explains the importance of the project in terms of expansion of the Pescara Calcio brand:  “Football today cannot stop at just the pitch, but must exploit its potential and the spirit of belonging, to seek other sources of livelihood; best represent the territory, its people and the peculiarities of its companies to attract tourism and investors”.

On the same wavelength was Deputy Headmaster Ridley College Michele A. Bett, who was visibly excited and told about her Ridley College through some images, with its centenary structure, futuristic facilities and the spirit of welcome and aggregation of her boys, ready to embrace Pescara on its 6 grass fields and at the same time take advantage of a different cultural point of view, as well as bring the many emigrants closer to their homeland through the dolphin.

The synthesis of this initiative is reflected in the final words of the president Daniele Sebastiani, who in thanking professor Sandra Celenza and the boys of the Infobasic of Pescara, creators of the iconic images summarizing our local beauties, declares: “Our initiatives aimed at girls and guys because we strongly believe in it; we are convinced that the survival of a club passes only through them. Thinking today of Pescara Calcio as Ambassador of the city or of the region in the world can only fill us with joy”.