• New and extensive “DELFINO PESCARA” work protocol
  • Technical and executive training
  • Growth and recognition of merit for the best football schools
  • No more affiliations but partnerships for the organizational development of each individual company


  • To offer technicians, managers, parents and children the opportunity to find a high-profile professional interlocutor
  • Training and not just training
  • To make the structure of each football school grow from a technical and organizational point of view


The activities carried out by the DELFINO ACADEMY, follow a well-defined didactic path and put at the center of each training session the values we carry forward in the development of this new concept of collaboration.

  • TRADITION, the defense and restoration of a working model that has led the Italian tradition to excel in world football and which sees in the development of the cognitive part of the little athlete, the construction of a thinking player.
  • PLAY / FUN, the goal of making each session EMPATHIC, where always and in any case the playful component can play a predominant role in the motivation and learning of the child.
  • ETHICS, teaching to always respect the opponent, the referee, and their teammates, directing the session with shared rules and explained with a clear language and respectful of the sensitive growth phases of young athletes.
  • SPORTS EDUCATION, an educational path is always determined, especially with parents, through moments of confrontation, which can include, through meetings with our TUTORS, respect for the work of the technicians, punctuality, and abstaining in every form and tone from technical judgments towards his own children, team-mates, opponents and referees.
  • EXPERIENCE, PROFESSIONALISM, DELFINO ACADEMY must be synonymous with experience, with a continuous and constant updating of its technicians and with the experimentation of new work protocols that have as a reference the change of social models, habits and lifestyle of families of your members.
  • DETERMINATION, teaching how to determine one’s victories and the very concept of achieving a goal, with daily work, without shortcuts and alternative ways.
  • STYLE, the search for a positive image, a serene and jovial environment, where all the components are well prepared to work in the exclusive interest of the child’s growth, recognition of a working model!
  • EXCELLENCE, the constant search for attention to detail, in relation to an individual attention to the psycho-physical development of the athlete, a high standard of reliability of technicians / instructors, care of every event.
  • PASSION, always enter into the dynamics of each training session, experience the disenchanted world of children from within, become an important point of reference in the complex dynamics of their growth path … become passionate about their life!
  • WELL-BEING, advising, through collaboration with external professionals, a lifestyle suitable for an athlete .. nutrition, social life, periodic checks and any form of teaching to respect one’s body.