Pescara Calcio International Residency Program

The best pathway to become a Pro

Who is the program for?

The program is designed to accommodate, develop and expose international players coming from all over the world to receive the excellence of Italian methodology. Our programs are open to boys U15-U17+ and are focused on player development, soccer IQ empowerment, game enhancement and vision and game strategy upgrading.

Why Pescara Calcio?

  • We are the perfect dimension for elite youth players to grow up both as a person and a player and have the access with our support to top clubs;
  • We offer an extremely individualized experience with strong attention and commitment to supporting each student athletes’ education plan throughout this professional soccer experience;
  • Student athletes can pursue their own academic programs during their time with us, choosing between online programs (english/french) or local schooling (italian);
  • Pescara will assign a tutor/teacher to guide the student-athletes in their studies;
  • We have grown up worldclass players such as Marco Verratti, top player in the current squad of the prestigious Paris Saint Germain Football Club.

Why Pescara Calcio?

  • Founded in 1936, in over 80 years of history, Pescara has gained a prestigious role in the Italian soccer panorama, with 7 seasons of militancy in Serie A and the victory of championships, including 2 in Serie B.
  • Our blue and white Shirt was worn by world–class champions such as Leo Junior, Dunga, Allegri, Insigne, Immobile, as well as Marco Verratti (born in our Abruzzo Region).

Creating Elite Pathways for International players from around the world

Pescara Calcio Pro

Players in our International Academy will train and play under the supervision of Pescara Calcio scouts on a daily basis. Players who excel, will have the opportunity to be transferred into the Pescara Calcio club.

National Team Select Program

Pescara calcio will help the International players who excel, to connect with their national federations and explore the option of being noticed by their National teams for possible selection.


European Pro Placement

Layers participating in the Pescara Int.l Residency program, with the help of Pescara Calcio staff, can be introduced to European clubs in several countries to help players find the correct pathway for their further development and, if possible, transferred with all our complete support in the contract negotiation.

NCAA Placement Program

Pescara Academy will introduce all players to NCAA universities in the United States. We believe that every player has a path and if playing at a high level while studying is the player’s desire, our academy will help him in this process. Pescara will host an annual NCAA Showcase event, to help our athletes find their path to NCAA schools.

Professional Soccer Facilities & Amenities

The players shall practice and play in the same facilities of Pescara Calcio’s first team and of all its youth league pro teams. This shall give the players the possibility to breathe and live directly what it means being a pro team athlete.


  • Soccer center and facilities on a 12-acre domain
  • 8 professional 11 vs. 11 natural grass fields
  • Top-of-the-line equipment and amenities
  • Professional locker rooms


  • Full gym: cardio, strength, recovery
  • Spa: hydrotherapy & balneotherapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Real-time individual and team statistics
  • Mental coaching
  • Healthy and balanced menus prepared by Italian chefs on-site


  • Fully-equipped exclusive brand new boarding facility
  • Shared double rooms
  • Multicultural environment
  • Multilingual staff
  • Professional laundry service
  • 24/7 Housing supervisor surveillance
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Air-conditioned shared spaces and bedrooms


  • Small class sizes allow for individualized attention, to better meet the needs of each student
  • School schedules are adapted to allow student-athletes to fully benefit from both soccer and Academic programs
  • Italian & English language classes
  • French language classes available upon request


PESCARA CALCIO ACADEMY hosts tryouts for player identification as part of the application process for admission to our programs. The tryouts allow players to meet our coaching staff and experience Pescara Calcio Training model


Pescara Calcio Academy accepts only highly motivated football players with advanced skill sets. Applicants who wish to join the program have to:

Why Pescara Calcio?

  1. Register to the Online Tryouts in order to be eligible to enroll in the program
  2. Players are extended an invitation to join only if they meet all potential technical and mental requirements.

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