• Training week at the end of August with 60 hours of training in the classroom and on the PESCARA CALCIO fields, to share the new working model with the technicians and managers
  • Another 50 hours of training per week at the beginning of January, to intensify and evaluate the responses of the companies on the new directions dictated at the beginning of the year
  • Each Academy will be entrusted with a TUTOR, who will relate exclusively to the technical director and will visit the Delfino Academy headquarters 8 times a year, to meet technicians and parents, evaluate the work in the field, interact through scheduled meetings at the beginning of the season
  • 1 full Delfino Pescara staff visit to the Delfino Academy locations, for a “ONE TO ONE” meeting with young people and technicians
  • The Academies that have distinguished themselves during the season, through a series of scores acquired, will receive special prizes!