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Promote the technical

and human growth of young players.

The Pescara Calcio Academy has always been a strategic part of the DNA of the club’s project for "the identification and enhancement of talents". The Academy aims to promote, support and stimulate the technical, educational and cultural development of young football talents. The development of mentally, physically and technically prepared athletes requires a suitable environment and facilities, as well as qualified instructors and - above all - a proven, applied and winning working method, such as that developed by Pescara Calcio, forge of young talents. Joining the Pescara Calcio Academy means taking an exciting and unique journey in the world of youth football.

Positive values and hard work
at the heart of our training

An experience that will not only shape an athlete, but also forge the individual endowing him with positive values, unparalleled work ethic and determination necessary to reach extraordinary heights. For parents, it means supporting their children in a path of growth and success, knowing to entrust them to an environment that values talent and nourishes the aspiration to express their full potential.