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A complete fitness center, equipped with the latest technology, designed to meet the specific needs of athletes in training. The gym provides a motivating and safe environment for workouts.

The Residence

Located just 800 meters from the Sports Center, our 4 Star Hotel offers a cozy environment with a restaurant that offers full board. With laundry service, free wi-fi, and a study room, the Residence is designed to offer comfort and convenience. In addition, it has three training centers with eight life-size grass courts, providing an ideal environment for athletic development.

English/Italian High School

Our High School, with teaching in both English and Italian, aims to provide a comprehensive education that integrates the academic path with the sporting environment, ensuring students a balanced and stimulating learning experience.

Conference room /Training

A multifunctional space dedicated to conferences and training activities. It is equipped with the most modern audiovisual technologies and offers an ideal environment for the theoretical and strategic development of our staff and our athletes.

Medical Center

Our multi-specialist medical center is equipped with highly qualified professionals in diverse specializations, including cardiology, angiology, dermatology, orthopedics, and more. We offer services such as sports medicine, athletic preparation, level II cardiological diagnosis, sports recovery, pre/post-operative rehabilitation and various physiotherapy techniques, including manual treatments, massages, kinesio taping, magnotherapy and manipulative techniques. Our facility is designed to ensure complete and high quality care for the health and well-being of our athletes.