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The Pescara Calcio Method

a revolutionary approach in youth football.


The Pescara Calcio Method is our distinctive philosophy, a technical approach of excellence that goes beyond simple football training. Developed by industry experts and constantly updated to meet the latest trends in youth football, our method is designed to shape complete athletes both on the playing field and in everyday life.

Technical excellence
updated with the latest football trends

In the Pescara Calcio Academy, we adopt a multidimensional approach to the athlete, where the technical training of excellence blends harmoniously with physical, mental and personal development. We are committed to shaping not only great football players, but complete individuals ready to shine in every dimension of their lives.

The 5 fundamental pillars
of Pescara Calcio Method

1 Development: Our workouts are focused on the continuous demand of the football readings.
The cognitive development part is at the heart of our method.

2 Strategy: The four areas of intervention, respecting the sensitive stages of growth, are:
physicist Technical/coordinating Cognitive situational

3 Winning Mindset and Personal Growth: Focus on the mental aspect of the game, encouraging resilience,
concentration and leadership. Custom development programs to help athletes manage pressure and reach
their maximum potential.

4 Technological Innovation: Use state-of-the-art technological tools to analyze individual and
team performance. Constant monitoring through statistical data and video analysis for continuous and constant improvement.

5 Integrated Educational Training: Integration of academic programs to ensure athletes balance between study and
football. Mentorship and educational support to ensure balanced growth.

Approach 4D

1 Nutrition: Our dieticians customize nutritional programs on every athlete
as an important part of their growth and sports performance

2 Doctor: Mandatory full medical check-up and
monitoring for all players.

3 Psychology: The application within youth sport is the key to maximizing fun,
the well-being and sports performance of young athletes.

4 Training: Individual monitoring and monitoring of training performance to improve and
develop every single strength point

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