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From the first step to the winning goal

Growing in the Youth Sector Pescara

Our Youth Sector boasts a prestigious list of emerging talents, and one of the highlights is Marco Verratti, grown up football and character on our fields, currently a star player in the "Al-Arabi Sports Club". Recognized throughout Italy for the quality of the work done, our working method, has helped to shape world-class players over the years.

Forge of Champions
a tradition of excellence and passion in the heart of Italy.

Marco Verratti is just one of the brilliant examples of success that have gone through our youth. Names like Torreira, Gilardino, Insigne, Immobile, Dunga, Junior, and Allegri are all products of our constant commitment to training and developing young talents. The dedication and expertise of our Youth Sector continue to be recognized nationally, helping to consolidate the reputation of the Pescara Calcio Academy as a springboard for future stars of Italian football.